We're not kidding. We do nothing. In fact there is no we at all, just one guy creating a mock page to use as a demonstration in some stuff that he is working on.

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ClearLime is a single page website created by Echo Enduring Media to help illustrate what happens when a site design relies on browser defaults for part of its palette.

Basically, the purpose of this page is to emulate the sort of clean and simple design which uses a white background and primarily black text. While designs like this can be very attractive, they are also often vulnerable to being broken up by unexpected browser defaults!

To see what I mean, just try changing the default colours of your browser. This is pretty easy to do in most browsers (though Safari can be a bit tricky, and I have not been able to figure out how to do it in Google Chrome).

The effect on this page, however, should be pretty dramatic, especially if you choose an ugly or clashing colour combination - say red text on a blue background. It will hurt the eyes.

The problem is that the very simple styling of this site does not take into account the possibility of browser defaults being changed. It simply assumes that all browsers will default to a white background and black text. In probably more than 95% of cases, this will be true, but I still feel that designers should work at preventing this from happening wherever possible - especially since it is so easy to do!

To read more about this particular issue, please feel free to read this article that I've written on the subject.

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